Friday, February 7, 2020

Woodstock Author Publishes Book

Woodstock resident John Daab has published a new book, Vultures and Other Friends.

I've known John and his wife, Kathy Spaltro, since 1996, and I enjoyed his columns in The Woodstock Independent. As soon as I read the first story, as a sample on the Amazon site, I knew I had to own the book.

That story reminded me of an IMAX movie I had seen in Denver in about 1976. The movie was "To Fly", a history of flight. At the Boettcher Auditorium screening, four birds of prey were flown in the theater by the Colorado Raptor Society, before the movie started. I still remember the thrill of watching a falcon launched from the back of the theater, as a second handler stood on the stage and swung a leather rope holding a piece of meat. When the piece of meat sailed out over the audience, that falcon nailed it on the fly!

The next morning I called many friends and urged them to see the movie and the live birds. Over the next week a number of them called me to ask, "What birds?" It turned out the birds of prey were flown only on the night I was there!

I'm betting that John's other stories will bring back more memories.

Grab a copy of his book (go on; buy the paperback edition!) for $10 and display it proudly on your coffee table or bookshelf. And read it! There is a Kindle edition available, too, if you prefer to build your digital library. You can find it on a different Amazon page by searching by the book title.

Image of the cover used with permission.

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