Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Is your CWP info confidential?

You probably think your application and file information for your concealed carry permit are private. Right? But how would you know if it is being released to nosy people? You wouldn't.

According to this blog in Wisconsin,, the sheriff of Racine County may be disclosing protected information. And doing so in violation of DOJ guidelines.

I can't explain why the author of that article mentions Appleton and Ashland, which are well outside Racine County, which is south of Milwaukee. But perhaps the good Sheriff of Racine County believes he can release any State of Wisconsin concealed-carry records, not just Racine County residents.

If you wonder whether your own records can be released, file a FOIA Request with your own sheriff's department. Have someone else request your records. A sheriff's department will be in a Catch-22 situation. If they are releasing the records but lie and say they aren't, that will bite them where it hurts, when the truth comes out. If they are releasing them and tell the truth, then it's time for law-abiding registrants to haul them into court.


Big Daddy said...

Releasing the info to who? And what gives him that righgt?

Gus said...

I think the sheriff could be releasing the CWP information when a FOIA Request is filed. If so, then you or I could file a FOIA Request for, say, the names and addresses of all CWP holders within two miles of our residence or in a ZIP Code or, maybe, in the State of Wisconsin.

Or maybe the blog article was just fake news. I don't know and didn't check it out.