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Beth Bentley - 7+ years

A reader just submitted this comment to a March article here about Beth Bentley, who vanished under suspicious circumstances in May, 2010.

Fourever has left a new comment on your post "What reatully happened to Beth Bentley?": 

I wrote this in 2012, but I don't think anyone read/seen it. : Hi, I am just hearing about this now, so I haven't been following the news for this whole time. First, let me say I am very sorry, and second, I hope that something is found out VERY soon! enough is enough! I do have a question about something that I read in one of the articles (been reading them for the last few hours). OK, so it was said that Jenn and Beth took a rental car to Mt. Vernon. If that is true, there would be records of it. It would HAVE to have been reserved using a drivers liscense and I think a credit card. Now I do believe, the milage is documented when the cars are released and when they are returned. I do believe that it is even if you have unlimited milage. So with that being said, you would be able to see if the milage added up with a round trip and other driving (like out to dinner/pub and the train station) from the time she picked up the car til she dropped it back off. Also, did I read correctly that just a few months after she has been missing, the husband threw away her stuff?? WHY? I can maybe understand putting some things away (although, I have a hard time with that too). There are families that keep things as they were for years, look at the true story about the girl that was taken from her family for (I think) 18 years. I have so many questions, why doesn't her close friend Jenn? and what about the 2 guys they spent the weekend with... why aren't they wondering where she is... nevermind her husband... OK, so he is hurt that she lied about going to Wisc., but she is gone?? why don't you move heaven and earth to find her? you have a child together!! What about that poor boy! he doesn't deserve answers? Sorry...didn't mean to get going on a rant. Like I said, I have many questions. And again, I apologize for not knowing about this sooner. Oh, and WHY would she be in California? Why would she leave EVERYTHING behind and never look back? AND, who is this guy she was taking the train to go see? why isn't there ANY info on him? she would have had to be talking to him one way or another, texting, facebook, emails... dating sites...I mean come on...we are in the technology can't get away with anything anymore. and her husband is a lawyer and has lawyer friends...they can certainly find out a lot of things their 'own' way. I know I am not the first person to come up with these questions, I would just like to know the answers to them. Are they out there? the answers? I don't know if you reply to these messages, but I hope you do. 
Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. 

All are good questions and, so far, all are unanswered. Did the Woodstock Police carefully investigate the rental car? Were they able to retrieve access to it quickly enough after it was returned? Probably not. I suspect Beth's disappearance wasn't classified as a possible crime until some time later, if ever. Why would Beth park her car in Jenn's garage and then rent a car for the roadtrip. Either they planned to enjoy a newer car or wanted to hide the actual mileage for the week-end.

Beth had a driver's license. Jenn did not have a valid license, so the car must have been rented in Beth's name.

Seven years have passed. Is a court being petitioned to have her declared dead? This would allow filing for Social Security benefits for their son and a claim for life insurance proceeds. Does such a petition have to be filed in the court of last residence (McHenry County) or can it be filed in any Illinois county?

So many questions. So few answers.

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