Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trump - out of control

What a sleaze Donald Trump is for converting a speech before the Boy Scout Jamboree into a political speech about Obamacare and Tom Price's need to get the votes (or get fired).

Trump is out of control.

And the more he protests the whole Russia thing, the more I think he is culpable and that his buddies, including family, are guilty of misdeeds. He instantly defends them with personal outrage and attempts to deflect national attention by still pointing the finger at Hillary.

Jared Kushner smells, because he has only slowly admitted his participation in meeting with Russians. The problem seems to be more that he didn't admit to these meetings and their content than his actually being in the meetings.

I've written before that I voted for Trump and that I wouldn't have voted for Hillary for any office, even dogcatcher.

But Donald J. Trump is an embarrassment to the U.S.A. (except in his own mind).

For Trump to malign and sandbag AG Jeff Sessions is wrong. If he doesn't want him in the position, call him in and dismiss him. That's what an honest, ethical boss would do. But those are two traits missing from this president's description.

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