Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Finger off that trigger!

Oh, yeah?

Gun etiquette (training) teaches a person to keep his finger off the trigger until he is ready to pull the trigger. So you see training films, videos on YouTube and movies with everyone running around his his fore-finger "indexed" (straight) along the frame or barrel of the pistol. (Where did that term come from, anyway?)

But what's stupid in movies? I watched a movie over the week-end, in which the villain was sneaking through a house with - of course - his trigger finger "indexed" on his semi-auto pistol. Is this stupid or what?

What criminal is going to follow such a "rule" to keep his finger off the trigger? If he has a gun out and ready, then he's ready to pull the trigger.

If you hear someone sneaking through your home and you realize you need to defend yourself and be ready to shoot, where will your trigger finger be? Is the safety Off? Do you train for this? How long will it take you to move your trigger finger from the frame to the trigger?

Practice, practice, practice.

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Big Daddy said...

When I came on I carried a revolver. We always had our finger on the trigger when we thought we might have to shoot as in house clearing or confronting people with guns and hostile intentions etc. Now however with the advent of pistols with light trigger pulls (striker fired) we are trained to index. I do not carry a striker fired pistol so when I am in those situations I revert to my revolver days.