Thursday, March 9, 2017

WisconsinCarry wins again

Would you like to be able to "carry" on the "L", CTA buses, Pace, Metra and other mass-transit systems in Illinois?

Is the Illinois State Rifle Association winning like WisconsinCarry? Does ISRA face off in court like WisconsinCarry does? It's worth your $15.00, even if you live in Illinois. They are working hard for gun owners.

Check out its recent press release:

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In the fall of 2014 it was brought to Wisconsin Carry's attention Madison Metro Transit prohibited law-abiding citizens from carrying while on city buses. Notwithstanding it is shameful for a government entity to discriminate against individuals who rely on mass transit. (citizens who use mass transit should be able to exercise their 2nd Amendment right to carry just like those who have their own transportation). WCI believed this ban was illegal. Wisconsin Carry contacted the city of Madison and Madison Metro Transit by phone and certified letter to request they end their illegal gun ban. Our requests were denied. This is not just about carrying ON the bus, but rather, if your day/errands, etc start, and end with a ride on a Madison bus, you are effectively denied your right to carry throughout your entire day.

In January of 2014, Wisconsin Carry Inc. filed a lawsuit against the City of Madison, WI. In that lawsuit, WCI maintains, in addition to its discriminatory nature, Madison Metro Transit's ban of guns on city buses violates the state's preemption statute (66.0409) which, in order to maintain uniform gun laws across the state, prohibits political subdivisions of the state (municipalities, counties, towns, villages, cites, etc) from passing gun laws stricter than state laws.

The original lawsuit was filed in Dane County Circuit court. After a questionable ruling, and subsequent appeal which concurred with the lower court, Wisconsin Carry appealed to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The court agreed to hear our case. Oral arguments, including an amicus brief *supporting* WCI's position filed by the Wisconsin Department of Justice under pro-freedom Attorney General Brad Schimel, were heard in September of 2016.

Wisconsin Carry is pleased to announce that yesterday the Wisconsin Supreme Court rendered its decision in this case. By a 5-2 majority, the Wis. Supreme Court Justices agreed that Madison Metro Transit did not have lawful authority to ban guns on city buses and reversed the lower courts rulings.

A copy of the decision can be read here:

Additional information on this case is available from a news release on the WCI website:


Big Daddy said...

Good. This is exactly what needs to be done in Chicago. It's ridiculous to deny citizens one their most important and basic rights when they need it the most. But any law suit should also involve Metra.

Gus said...

ISRA members should definitely get after the statewide organization to push a similar action in Illinois courts. You're right about Metra!