Saturday, February 11, 2017

Blowhard Rahm risks millions reports that Mayor Rahm is going to continue to protect illegals and criminals. Rahm is willing to risk millions of dollars in Federal funding (and only pennies of his own money) in giving the finger to President Trump.

"Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel also vowed to protect illegal immigrants, including ones suspected or convicted of crimes, from the feds.
“ 'I want to be clear: We’re going to stay a sanctuary city,' Emanuel said. 'There is no stranger among us… you are welcome in Chicago as you pursue the American dream.' ” (Source:
What does "pursue the American dream" mean to a few (some? many?) illegals? Sucking on the welfare teat? Driving without a license or insurance? Getting free hospital care and education? Getting paid in cash for "contract" work (most of which is actually employee-status work) "under the tax", in order to avoid the system?

How many illegals live in Rahm's neighborhood? Visit his office regularly? Go to school with his kids?

What do the People of Chicago want? Do they want their taxes increased to replace lost Federal funding? Will they put up with cuts in benefits that are funded by the Federal dollars that will be lost?

It's easy (and foolish) for him to side with the illegals. Voters should toss him in Lake Michigan when his term is up. Or maybe sooner.


Big Daddy said...

They get what they want. They allow substandard performance from virtually every single politician there save for a few. They continually elected and re-elected the Daleys, the Madigans,Rahm and almost every Alderman for the last one hundred years. But that may be slowly changing. Go to Facebook and check out what happened at Alderman John Arena's recent "public meeting" about the low income housing project he is trying to ram down the throats of the residents there. Read how he referred to half of his constituents as knuckle dragging scum after they voted for Trump. He is creating a groundswell of support for anyone that will run against him next election. The tide MAY be turning. One can only hope though.

Gus said...

On which Facebook page is Ald. Arena's "knuckle-dragging scum" comment?

Big Daddy said...

It was on his page. He probably took it down.