Friday, June 5, 2015

Baltimore mayor ignores FOIA request

Either the Baltimore mayor doesn't know what a FOIA request is or she thinks she is above Maryland law or she hasn't hired competent staff or (_____fill in the blank___).

On about April 28, I submitted a FOIA request for the official Oath of Office. I wanted to understand how she could give an order to allow the thugs to destroy her city.

As of today, no reply has been received. Maybe she thinks she doesn't have to follow Maryland law or she doesn't have to reply to somebody who doesn't live in her city.

I wonder who prosecutes such a failure to obey Maryland law? Anybody? (probably not)

Here what I sent as a follow-up today.

"More than 30 days ago, on about April 28, 2015, I submitted a Freedom of Information Request to your office for the Oath of Office of the Mayor of the City of Baltimore. I received an acknowledgement from your office.
"However, I have not received your reply or further communication. Please send me a copy of my original request by return email.
"The Maryland Public Information Act §10-611 et seq. required you to respond within 30 days. As of this date, you failed to do so.
"Please respond to my FOIA Request without further delay."


Big Daddy said...

She's painted herself into a corner Gus with no way out. The only hope she has IMHO is for the trial to be held in the City of Baltimore with a jury comprised of young thugs (yes I said it). I doubt she will responding to any FOIA requests. We need a lawsuit by the newsmedia to force her to obey the law but I doubt anyone in the MSM will do that.

Gus said...

I am sure a complaint to the Md. Attorney General will go nowhere, but I'll file it.