Thursday, February 19, 2015

Giuliani is wrong about Obama

Media are reporting that former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliana said that he doesn't believe that Barack Obama loves America.

And then he (wimped out and) said he wasn't questioning Obama's patriotism.

That is where Giuliani is wrong. He is wrong not to question Obama's patriotism!

When Obama speaks, he has no force. There is nothing to inspire confidence. Watch his gestures, Listen to his words. Listen to the tone of his voice. Watch how he points, when he tries to emphasize something.He is basically a weak man but in a very powerful position as POTUS. He can't even utter a coherent sentence without (or even with) his teleprompter.

His lack of strength does not bode well for the USA.


Nick C said...

I am truly sorry to read this public post disparaging President Obama. You have shown yourself incapable of reasonable acceptance of our governmental leadership, especially concerning the president. Obama has been, in my estimation, the most reasonable and intelligent leader we have had in decades, He has been a bulwark against the corporatization of our country, and a steady and effective voice in global relations. I don't understand the thinking of folks like yourself that continue to badmouth him, so I've decided to end our relationship. It is personally insulting to me and everything I believe in. I'm done reading your blog and all of your posts about "gun rights", and all the rest of it. I wish you well.

JOHN said...

Well said Nick. Everybody thinks themselves an expert on everything and when they disagree with someone it degrenerates to name calling like a bunch of 10 year old boys.