Friday, April 27, 2007

Cary-Grove H.S. Stupidity

I’ve been following the wild turmoil in Cary involving the Cary-Grove High School student whose essay has resulted in a Disorderly Conduct charge against him.

Disorderly Conduct apparently occurs when someone feels alarmed or disturbed by another’s actions. I’ll have to remember this one.

Based on newspaper reporting, my opinion is that this complaint by the teacher and D155 staff is one of the dumbest things ever to happen in McHenry County. I thought about emailing Cary-Grove High School Principal Susan Popp and teacher Nora Capron, but then I remembered a Witness Tampering charge levied in McHenry County after a person, not the alleged offender, contacted the supposed victim to ask that charges be dropped.

Talk about intimidation! Will everyone have to hunker down now and be afraid to voice an opinion?

I am alarmed and disturbed by the actions of the teacher and the D155 staff and the Cary Police Department and the McHenry County State’s Attorney’s office. Should I go to authorities and file Disorderly Conduct charges against them? But where do I go to file them?

Or should I file a Disorderly Conduct charge against the Woodstock police officer who stopped me for a burned-out headlight right in front of my house and told me he was going to give me a Warning, and then changed his mind after talking with another Woodstock officer and issued a $75.00 ticket to me? Now that certainly alarmed or disturbed me! In fact, it didn’t alarm OR disturb me; it alarmed AND disturbed me!

Or the next time a McHenry County deputy roars up behind me when I am obeying the speed limit and tailgates me for three blocks before turning off? Huh? Is this Disorderly Conduct?

The only right action is the Cary-Grove H.S. case is for the high school and school district to admit to their knee-jerk and wrong action - to admit that they mishandled the entire incident - and to drop all charges. A letter of apology should be issued by the School Board, School District staff and teacher. The Cary Police Department should admit its failure to investigate thoroughly before charging the student with a crime so serious that it threatens his graduation, military service and reputation and which resulted in the huge bond of the tremendous sum of $75.00 to secure his release from jail. SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS???!!!

Stupid! Just plain stupid!!!

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pryan67 said...

Not to mention that the student was being punished for doing EXACTLY what was assigned. Should all the other students get failing grades, while this one gets an "A"? After all, that would be the RIGHT thing to do. Or maybe the teacher and district WANT to raise a bunch of sheep, that have no original thoughts of their own.