Friday, November 15, 2013

Woodstock's baseball stadium - where are the stands?

Remember the rush, rush, rush to approve the gravel pit along U.S. 14 across from the hospital? Gotta do it now! We must act now! Can't afford to wait! Oh, the sense of urgency...

And remember all the other goodies that were to follow? A baseball stadium and a local baseball team. Play ball! A new home for the McHenry County Fairgrounds? A Metra station there, to serve all the spectators for the ballfield and students at MCC (even though there is a goodly distance between Lily Pond Road and the MCC campus.

Okay, so the economy dumped (and still is dumping) and the mining business didn't turn out (yet).

Is the baseball dream a burned-out bulb in someone's garage? Probably. But a lot of us thought that, when the City of Woodstock was being pitched a fast ball in the night game back then at 121 West Calhoun Street.

What's the deal on the ground where the baseball stadium was to go? Isn't that ground supposed to transfer to City ownership sometime soon?

Will it transfer with simple signatures on some deed(s) and minor legal expense? Or is the cash cow going to get another milking in the springtime?

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