Friday, November 8, 2013

How important is cursive writing?

Just how important, really, is cursive writing? Should young students be taught to write in the cursive style?

Are parents aware that this style of writing may not be taught in their childrens' elementary schools? Or may not be emphasized? And what about block printing? Can you even read your child's handwriting (or printing)?

Several years ago I had a huge argument with Woodstock District 200 school, after I was told in a meeting that 

1. students don't need to know how to write (cursive); they can use computers;
2. students don't need to know how to add or subtract; they can use calculators;
3. students don't need to know how to spell; they can use spellcheck.

I disagree. I strongly disagree!

And, if you disagree, where you need to be is at the school board meetings for your districts. Speak up. Tell your school boards that you want your children to know how to write, how to add and subtract, and how to spell.

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tired of kids being harassed said...

Gus same time frame as your and they did the same to my son didnt need to learn any of those thing. It jusr lazy school teachers and its sad. You cannot read my sons printing that means they dont feel comfortable filling out job applications cause people cant read them. Also its faster to use cursive and looks better but they cant because people we waste or tax money on are to lazy to do there jobs. They want these kids to be little robots not think for themselves and only do as told so sad.