Sunday, November 3, 2013

Plain white envelopes bring smiles

Just yesterday I mentioned to a friend that I hear from many people with ideas for articles for my blog - phone calls, emails, faxes ... and plain, white envelopes. I remember saying that, when my mail comes and there is a plain, white envelope in it, that's the one I open first.

And what was in my mailbox yesterday afternoon? A plain, white envelope! Amazing. Mailed on Friday; received on Saturday. Let's hear it for the Post Office. Hip, hip, hooray!

Some of the information I had seen before. But, to the kind reader who mailed me the information, take another look on the McHenry County Circuit Clerk's website and the Case Information Search. The case, which you thought was gone, is still there. I didn't find it yesterday by the Case Number, but I did find it by Name. And then today I was able to find it also by the Case Number.

All the details normally found online are there. It was a fine example of delay - many, many court dates before there was ever a plea. And, when a plea was finally entered, a jury trial was requested. Then it looked like a plea bargain was in the works. And then the case was nolle prossed. Another great example of American Justice in McHenry County. Was it truly a case of "friends in high places", as you suspect? I guess we'll never know.

Thanks for making my day yesterday with the plain, white envelope!

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