Friday, November 29, 2013

Spying on shoppers

Could you be spied on while shopping today (and any day)?

Read this article about "Smart" technology and how it is used to spy on you.

Do you plan to turn off your phone or remove the SIM card when entering stores? (Turning off your phone may not be good enough.)

Plan to get one of those special wallets to protect your credit cards' RFID technology? Maybe some tinfoil would work just as well. That's why your I-Pass comes wrapped in tinfoil. Do you even know if the credit cards in your wallet or purse have the RFID chip? Do you know what RFID is?

If a store can paste a sign on its door, such as "No shoes, No shirts, No service" or "Stay out if you are armed", should it have to put a placard on its doors to inform shoppers that it is spying on you?

When Jewel-Osco analyzes my purchase of jellybeans and offers me a coupon on gum drops, that's one thing. Using facial-recognition technology or snooping on my phone's presence? That's a different matter.

Call your favorite stores first and ask the manager what technology is in use. Then decide whether to shop there.

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Notawannabee said...

Few people know that any credit card the has the-)))) on it men's you can touch rather than swipe the card. Yes it in convenient but it also allows thieves to swipe your identity.

The credit card has the RFID (radio frequency ID) chip which contains all your data. The chip is activated when subjected to a radio wave activating the chip. This the same technology as door acess cards. A thief nearly needs to be within a few feet of your wallet with his radio device and robs you of your credit card data.

The showed this on network news. A man got on the elevator with a group of people going to a tv filming. They were later called from the audience and shown their credit cards complete with security I'd number and debit account data.

You can keep you cards in a protector case, wrap them in aluminum foil or purchase protectors from.
" identification stronghold". I bought them for my entire family. They have more information on the website..

You can't be too careful.