Monday, November 4, 2013

A message for Zinke's people

Andy Zinke's political handlers have fallen down on the job. Seriously.
(head goes here)

Apparently, nobody wants to tell the king that he doesn't have any clothes on.

In the fundraising solicitation I received in the mail today, Andy wrote, "I have declared myself the republican candidate for Sheriff of Nottingham (errr, I mean, McHenry County)."

Does anyone else feel his presumptuous "I have declared myself..." is over the top?

And what's up with the "the republican candidate"? He is "a" candidate. He is one of the candidates. He is not "the" candidate.

Didn't anyone tell him yet that Bill Prim is also running for Sheriff? And that's why there will be a Republican Primary in March 2014?

When were they going to tell him? Just before he stepped in the voting booth, so he wouldn't shout out, "Who's Bill Prim?"

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