Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mental Health Board website? Terrible!!!

As I finished the article about the Mental Health Board and its "process" of hiring its next executive director, I looked for a picture of the MHB building at 620 Dakota Street, Crystal Lake. What better place to look than the MHB website; right? Wrong.

Go to www.mc708.org, which is (was?) the URL for the MHB.

It used to be possible to find the services and information about the MHB. Stop, and go there now.

I'm unsure how good your eyes are. I can't even read most of the text buried against the blue-shaded background. Who in the world dreamed that up? And who approved it?

The MHB website content was migrated to the website of McHenry County Government. Oh, that explains it.

Anyone care to comment on the new website?

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