Saturday, November 9, 2013

County squad car wrecks - news?

Is it news when a squad car of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department (or of any police department or State Police) is heavily damaged in a crash?

Last week there was a picture in the news of a MCSD squad car that was rear-ended in Crystal Lake. Supposedly the deputy was transported to a hospital. And further news? Non-existent.

Early this morning a reader sent me a message that a MCSD squad car was involved in a rollover wreck near Highway 31. Was one? Where are the details?

There is nothing on the Northwest Herald website about it.

It is news, because the public has no idea how many police vehicles are involved in wrecks in McHenry County in a month or in a year. More than you'd think.

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Gus said...

Is there collusion between the MCSD and the Northwest Herald to suppress news of a deputy's crash, when the driver is running "hot" (lights & siren) and rolls the squad car?

Is MCSD afraid that the public will start asking questions? Why is transparency such a big issue at MCSD?