Friday, November 8, 2013

SMACK! Take that...

Be sure to read Pete Gonigam's article on (FEN) about yesterday's round in the on-going slugfest in Judge Meyer's courtroom over the 100-page "investigatory" report into Undersheriff Zinke's leak of confidential DEA information to political friend Brian Goode. Goode is president of RITA Corporation in Crystal Lake.

According to FEN, Judge Meyer has told Sheriff's Department employee Don Leist to stop butting in. The article says that Judge Meyer told Assistant State's Attorney Brandy Quance that she is the sheriff's attorney, and she is in charge. Leist, an attorney by trade, will be allowed to stand at the bench, but he is to keep his mouth shut. He also is not to file any more motions, which have caused considerable delay in this case. I wonder if that extends to grimaces and gestures; only time will tell.

FEN filed its case in court on June 18, after his FOIA request to the Sheriff's Department was denied and the Sheriff's Department thumbed its nose at the order of the Illinois Attorney General's Public Access Counselor to provide the report to FEN.

Some wonder whether the report in question has been leaked to the Northwest Herald. Such a leak at the Sheriff's Department would not be unknown. What Judge Meyer should do, if I may be so bold as to suggest to the good judge, is summon persons in charge at the Northwest Herald and top administrators at the sheriff's department before him and order them to disclose whether, who and when such report was provided to the paper.

The reporters and editors will claim journalistic privilege, but Judge Meyer could lock up the others until he gets the answer. Let's see, where do you lock up a sheriff and an undersheriff? Please; not Boone County Jail. Maybe Cook County Jail? In the general population? That would get them talking.

Come on, let's get serious and put a stop to the fooling around here. Gonigam has been trying to get the report for months!

The sheriff's department is making a political football out of denying the report to  I'm sure they'd like to bury it until after the General Election in November 2014.

Attorney Quance could be back in court as soon as November 14, if she feels she should not provide even the report Index to FEN attorney, Mary Gardner. Otherwise, Gardner is to have the Index by November 19.

The battle royale continues in Judge Meyer's courtroom on November 19. Go get 'em, Pete. If you set up a legal fund online, I'll be sure to promote it for you.

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