Wednesday, November 20, 2013

OK, smarty pants

So you think you're pretty smart, eh?

"Interesting and simple test. It's astonishing that so many people got less than half correct.

These results say that 80% of the (voting) public doesn't have a clue - and that's pretty scary.

There are no tricks here - just a simple test to see if you are current on your information.

This is quite good and the results are shocking.

Test your knowledge, then be ready to shudder when you see how others did.

Click on the link for Test Your News IQ - Pew Research Center

Results will not be posted, in order to protect the innocent. If you are brave and want to post your result, please do so.


bill Matteson said...

I got better than 75%

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked I got 13 out of 13. I didn't think they were that difficult. But then I am a news junkie.