Friday, November 8, 2013

Training for concealed-carry license

Starting to think about getting trained for your concealed carry license?

The Illinois State Police will begin accepting applications for concealed carry licenses (as they will be called in Illinois; not "permits") in January. In order to apply, besides having a check for $150, you'll have to have a certificate that you have been trained.

For many applicants this will mean a 16-hour class and a range qualification with 30 rounds of your favorite ammunition. Many firearms instructors have already been approved by the Illinois State Police.

Among them is Mickey Schuch, who has established Illinois Carry Mickey has extensive firearms knowledge and training and is an NRA Certified Instructor for several courses. For more information about Mickey qualifications, visit and click on "About Our Trainer".

So far, one course has been posted, and it's the 16-hour course that most applicants will have to complete. Some applicants will be able to apply for their concealed carry licenses with fewer hours than 16. If the applicant has other training and/or a DD-214 for an honorable discharge from military service, fewer hours of training will meet the requirement.

Mickey has served as the president of the McHenry County Right To Carry Association (MCR2CA) since February. He has devoted many hours to this not-for-profit association as its volunteer president, steering the creation of its website and writing copy for the periodic e-newsletters. He has also organized many of the meetings this year, some of which have been training events for members.

Come to the November 21st meeting of MC42CA and hear from McHenry County State's Attorney Lou Bianchi and area law-enforcement officials about the privilege of carrying a concealed weapon and what to expect during a peaceful contact with a police officer or deputy; for example, if you are armed, when you get stopped for a traffic violation. The meeting will start at 7:00PM at the Woodstock VFW, 240 N. Throop St. There is no charge, and the meeting is open to members and any interested person.

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