Friday, April 22, 2011

Why I won't buy a Nissan

Today I saw an online ad for the all-electric Nissan Leaf and watched a short advertising video. Then I decided to read about the car and went to When the site opened, it was for Nissan Computers, and I realized that a Nissan auto site must have a different URL. No big deal.

But then I started reading on the site about how the Nissan car company has bullied a small computer company that was established by Mr. Uri Nissan, after he came to the United States in 1976. I encourage you to visit and read the story for yourself. You may remember that Nissans were first called Datsuns.

Mr. Nissan has been engaged in a running court battle with Nissan Motor (car company) since 1999. He keeps winning in court, but Nissan Motor, with millions of dollars available to keep the case going, doesn't give up. In 2008 a court ordered Nissan Motor to pay Nissan Computer the grand sum of $58,000, which is less than 2% of its cost to defend itself against Nissan Motor! (Thus, Nissan Computer calculates its cost to defend itself at more than $2,900,000.)

That lawsuit reminded of Volvo's lawsuit against the Volo Auto Museum. Why would Volvo ever have had any thought the little Volo Auto Museum, just east of McHenry, was a threat to its survival?

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