Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Postage rates increase on April 17

If you are planning to mail your income tax return(s) on Monday, be aware that postal rates go up on Monday. That second or third ounce for your bulky return will cost more. Check out the new rates or weigh your envelope on the self-service scale at the Post Office, before dropping your envelope into the mailbox. You won't want that envelope back on your doorstep a day or two later.

What are the new rates?

The first ounce on a First Class letter will cost you the same as now: $0.44.
The second (and subsequent) ounces will cost you $0.20 (up from $0.17).

This summer, when you get ready to mail all those "Wish you were here" picture postcards (assuming you can even find them anymore), plan on using the right postage: $0.29 (up from $0.28).

Get complete information on new rates on http://www.usps.com/ Scroll down on the homepage for the "New Prices" icon/link.

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