Monday, April 25, 2011

Interference with Grafton Township Mail

Today a letter I had sent to Linda Moore, Supervisor, at the Grafton Township office was returned with one of those familiar, yellow labels reading "Moved Left No Address - Unable to Forward - Return to Sender". (Click on the image to enlarge it; then click on the Back button on your browser to return to this story.)

The envelope was correctly addressed to Linda More, Supervisor, Grafton Township, 10109 Vine Street, Huntley, IL 60142, Hello? Don't they get mail delivered to the Township office? They did.

Ha-ha. Big laugh. OK, so I already know of the P.O. Box 37 on the Supervisor's website, but isn't there mail delivery to businesses and houses in Huntley? A booming metropolis, growing leaps and bounds? No door delivery of mail?

Did someone (not Linda Moore) submit a stop-order for mail delivery to the Township offices?

Only one person could legally put in such an order for mail to the Township, and I don't think she did it. So who did? And why is the Post Office honoring it? Interference with mail is a significant crime in this country. Let's see what the Huntley Postmaster intends to do about it.


Whitmore2 said...

Are you SURE that Linda didn't put in the stop-order herself?

Gus said...

Well, I wouldn't bet "your" life on it, but I'm 99.999999% sure. I'll check.

Gus said...

OK, Whitmore 2. Now I'm sure, so I'll bet your life on it.

I am now 100% sure that the Grafton Township Supervisor did NOT put in a Stop or Forwarding Order at the Huntley Post Office.

Gus said...

Grafton electors should show up at a Town meeting and spank the children who don't want to play nicely in the sandpile at 10109 Vine St.

Mail to the Township Supervisor that does not include a Suite Number gets rejected by the USPS sorting equipment and returned to the sender.

How simple it would be for all mail just to be delivered to the Township office, and then it would get separated, as addressed, for the Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor and Road Commissioner.

Did the Trustees create the problem when they hired Pam Fender and stuck their noses into the operation of the township offices?

Maybe an old-time, high-school principal could show up at a meeting with his paddle and tan some hides...

Steve said...

Isn't the township road commissioner's office at a different location? Like the township garage? Your plan doesn't make a lot of sense in that context.

Have you gotten the Postal Inspection Service involved yet, Gus? Maybe Moore DID cut it off and forward it elsewhere for whatever reason. Lord knows, there's been enough backbiting and infighting down there to justify most anything. Could she not have done this merely to lay blame at someone else's feet. Maybe somebody did redirect her mail. Maybe ANY mail addressed to the street address goes undelivered and returned to sender. If they established the PO Box for the township prior to one year ago, the forwarding order is invalid and the envelope could be franked with almost anything - you ARE dealing with the post office you know.

Gus said...

You nailed it, Steve. The property owner designated the different offices by Suite Number. The different township divisions set up PO Boxes. The USPS won't deliver or forward without a Suite Number (dumb), even if correctly addressed. USPS automatic sorting equipment rules.