Thursday, April 14, 2011

Concealed Carry bill advances in House

This year's concealed-carry bill is advancing in the Illinois House of Representatives and is scheduled for a Third Reading. The Bill, HB 0148, picked up two additional sponsors on April 12th.

To see the progress since it was introduced on January 13, go to and then enter HB 0148 in the search box on the left side.

The bill now has 40 co-sponsors in the House, including Mike Tryon.

Notably absent are Rep. Jack Franks (D-63rd) and Mark Beaubien (R-52nd).

Call them today and ask them to support this bill. It has been proven that crime goes down, when a citizenry can be armed. You don't have to carry. If you are getting robbed or car-jacked or shot at, you will be glad if a law-abiding, armed citizen is near you.

Rep. Jack Franks (815) 334-0063
Rep. Mark Beaubien (847) 487-5252

Ask them to co-sponsor the bill and to vote in favor of it when it reaches the House floor for a vote.

If you know other State Representatives, regardless of whether they are for or against, call them and ask their support.

SIGN THIS PETITION: On the website of the leader of the concealed-carry initiative in Illinois, Rep. Brandon Phelps (Harrisburg, Ill.) is a petition that can be downloaded and printed. Go to Do this now. The Third Reading of HB 0148 may be this month, or it might be in May.

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