Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pay delay for troops? Scream now...

Should pay be cut for military personnel involved in the three wars the U.S. is fighting?

Instead of cutting troops' pay, how about cutting the President's pay and that of the Cabinet and the Senators and the Representatives, for starters? And for the heads and staff of the hundreds of departments of Federal government?

What kind of idiots do we have running the Federal government? What kind of ripple will pay cuts (delays) at the bottom of the pay barrel cause? I don't know anyone at lower pay levels who could do without a week's pay?

It's one thing for military personnel who are single and live in barracks on base, if any still live like that. I guess the president could order a grace period on credit card payments and car loans and the like. But what about for married personnel, whose families are suffering financially while the breadwinner is off fighting a war? Will that bank or loan company wait? How fast will borderline credit be smashed and irreparable, when payments are missed, or when promised late-payments don't arrive?

Is the U.S.A. bankrupt, but no one wants to say so? Have the excesses now finally caught up with us?

Of course, it's not just on a Federal level. The State of Illinois is a mess. School districts have created their own messes with over-spending and greedy contracts by unions. Why school boards and elected representatives of the People ever closed their eyes to the eventual financial disasters is the big question these days. At least, it's my question.

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Dave Labuz said...

Same for the Village of Island Lake.

The-then-current Board have shut their eyes to non-existent State revenue sharing over 3 years and to the tune of more than $600,000 that will never come, and have now fully cashed in their reserves.

Yet the current Mayor is looking to seat newly-elected Trustees early only in order to approve a Budget that has not yet been called for a vote, such vote that she will otherwise lose before she can swear in new Board members!

Sound familiar, as in Harry Reid familiar?