Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When will judge put his foot down?

Remember back in September, when an Island Lake police officer chased Seth Pedersen for many miles, including through school zones at high speeds, and issued him over 50 tickets?

Have the charges been resolved yet in McHenry County court yet?

How many times should a judge grant a continuance in a case? After the appointment of a public defender and two continuances at the State's request, a demand for a jury trial was made on October 19. Since then, Pedersen's public defender has asked for, and received, nine (9) continuances.

The next court date will be May 3. Will Judge Condon put his foot down and say, "Enough is enough! We are going to try this case on the next court date, whether you are ready or not."

What would a fair trial be? Thirty minutes for the prosecution. Thirty minutes for the defense. Thirty minutes for the jury. Ten minutes for sentencing.

Let's start cutting out the nonsense and clear out the courts' calendars.

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