Friday, April 8, 2011

Directory Assistance, please

I think I'll have to install a coin meter on my phone. I am getting many calls for Woodstock businesses and offices, thanks to Google. When a person searches on for a Woodstock business or office that I've written about, my phone number shows up. It's probably somewhere after the " ... ". A lot of the numbers I have; for example, today I received calls for the Woodstock DMV and, just now, Niko's Red Mill Tavern.

Shortly after I moved to Woodstock, my phone number was quite close to that of Harvest Moon. In the ads and on the business cards for Harvest Moon, their English script made it easy to confuse the "1" in their phone number for the "7" in my number. I lost track of all the calls I received, but I was happy, even then, to provide the right number.

Several times callers even left reservations on my phone, and I'd relay them to the Harvest Moon. The owners appreciated my "service" and even rewarded me with a dinner one night. I enjoyed their restaurant and was sorry when they sold it.

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