Friday, September 17, 2010

Voting by party?

How do you plan to vote on November 2 in the General Election?

Will you vote Republican? Democratic? Green? Libertarian? or not vote?

My dad used to say that he would always vote for the best man, as long as he was a Republican.

Is the Tea Party influencing your vote this year?


DownByTheRiver said...

Voting for you, Gus -

Libertarian leaving conservative here.

Generally anti-incumbent, which would leave me pro-Republican this go-round in all races on my ballot.

Very "tea party" enthusiastic. While many would say (even Fox News) that the tea party is causing great turmoil within the GOP, I think it's great!

Perhaps this may result in a softer "victory" for the GOP than was originally expected, but I doubt it.

On the other hand, should it cause the GOP to stumble in the fall, that's OK. At least some major inter-party ideological reform and a demanded return to first principles will be forced upon them, and they'll either be resurgent in 2012, and/or rack up more victoriesas well.

Meanwhile, no shake-up for the Dem's anywhere on the horizon. As with the GOP over the last few years, pride goeth before the fall. The country's changing and moving on. The GOP will be forced to. The Dem's? Sclerosis.

Support the police said...

Voting for Nygren. You should do a poll on here to find out how many of your blog readers will actually vote for you.

Gus said...

Nah, we'll learn that on the morning of November 3.

It could be that all the Nygrenites will vote for me, because they will REALLY be worried about how things will be if Nygren wins again.

I don't think he'll stay around long, if he does win; just long enough to pack and head south. He'll be heading for Florida, and the County Board will once again get to say who will get to play Sheriff.