Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nygren, others waste time at pre-K class

McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren wasted a goodly part of a workday on Tuesday to read part of a child's book to a bunch of kids in McHenry on Tuesday. I'd say he stooped to a new low, but he probably sat or stood as he read to them. Were they seated at desks or on the floor?

(When I participated in a reading program to profoundly-disabled kids at a Woodstock school, I was offered a chair but, instead, sat down on the floor with them, so that I was on their level.)

Nygren, a police chief, a Crystal Lake cop (what was he doing in McHenry?), an Assistant State's Attorney, the Illinois state director of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids and Illinois Senator Pamela Althoff gathered to read to about 30 preschoolers in McHenry.

Do you think it made a difference whether they read to the kids or whether a teacher would have read to them? Why didn't Nygren send his public relations deputy, Aimee Knop?

Any administrator of a 400-employee County unit belonged in his office, not playing reading teacher to kids not old enough to be in kindergarten.

It's election season, folks!

I'm surprised it wasn't a photo op; couldn't the Northwest Herald a photographer there? Or will photos show up later this week or this week-end?

What did that little excursion on Tuesday cost taxpayers? Who was there?

Sheriff Nygren
McHenry Police Chief John Jones
Crystal Lake Community Relations Officer Sean McGrath (sent by Gene Lowery or Dave Linder, no doubt)
Asst. State's Attorney Kirk Chrzanowski
State Sen. Pamela Althoff
Tim Carpenter, Director of Fight Crime: Invest in Kids

Anyone care to venture a guess at the cost (payroll, benefits, transportation) for those to be there.

What a waste!

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Idea Man said...

Nygren is not reading to the children, he's reading with them. They are all at the same reading level.

See Keith run.
See Keith run for Sheriff.
Run, Keith run.

Run all the way back to Florida!