Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MCSD in the cross-hairs of ISP sights?

The Better Government Association (BGA) is talking about the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, and they aren't throwing roses.

See the article titled "McHenry County: a Political Podunk No More" at http://bganotebook.wordpress.com/

From that article comes this: "The State Police launch an investigation into alleged corruption within the McHenry County sheriff’s office —— "

The the BGA contact called Sheriff Keith Nygren for a comment, Nygren hung up on him.


Notawannabee said...

DO you remember the old Wendy’s ad campaign where actress Clara Peller asks, "Where's the beef?" She says "I see a big fluffy bun but, where’s the beef?"

I followed the link you provided to the BGA and ask, where's IS the beef? If something’s going on, it would be nice to know the details rather than blow in a smoke cloud with unsubstantiated tripe. ( NOT BEEF)

I see the big fluffy bun, which is the BGA saying and I quote “State Police investigator has interviewed at least a few people in recent weeks about a range of things supposedly going on in the sheriff’s office, sources tell the BGA. The probe appears to be in the early stages, and nothing has been substantiated.”

This isn't news. Its quite old news. Didn’t Keith Nygren call in the ISP to independently investigate the department to quell the bloggers and the snipers that said there was a cover up with the accidental SWAT firearms injury. Oh and lets not forget the PAVLIN’S that YOU have said was a cover up and for which Nygren asked for an independent investigation.

Yes I see the big fluffy bun, but WHERE’S THE BEEF?

Harvard Blog said...

Did you read the BGA posting you link? It rather clearly states: "Postscript: We called Nygren to ask if he’d heard of the probe and to mention what we’d heard. He didn’t take it very well. “This is nonsense. We’re not even talking, goodbye,” he said, hanging up."

Part of a law enforcement officer or reporters duty is to be accurate in their reporting of information. He did not hang up on the caller. Technically, everyone hangs up on completion of a telephone call. "He hung up on me," is not accurate if the hanging up took place after a 20 minute conversation. I don't support Nygren, but one of the reasons you and Mahon are laughed at is your continuing inaccurate reporting of information.

Gus said...

Hold that thought, Nota. And you might not have to hold it all that long.