Friday, January 8, 2010

Woodstock Police Dept. confirms GPS thefts

The Woodstock Police Department issued a press release today, dated Wednesday, about thefts of GPSs and other electronics from vehicles in the past few weeks. It reads, as follows.


"The Woodstock Police Department is investigating a rash of vehicle burglaries that have occurred over the past several weeks within the community. These crimes have occurred randomly throughout many different areas of the city during both daylight and evening hours. Entry has been gained into the vehicles either through unlocked doors or by breaking out the vehicles windows. Valuables that have been taken range from loose change to electronics with an emphasis on portable GPS units. The police department would like to remind everyone that this type of crime can often be prevented, and offer these crime prevention tips:

- Always remember to take your keys and lock your vehicle when you park it.
- Never leave valuables or gifts such as I PODS, cell phones, Satellite radios or cameras in clear view in your vehicle. Remember to either remove them or lock them out of sight in the trunk.
- Carry the registration and insurance card with you. Don't leave personal identification documents or credit cards in your vehicle.
- Remember do not leave your vehicle running while parked and unattended, despite being tempted during frigid cold snaps. The consequences could result in the theft of your vehicle or even the issuance of a traffic citation, since it is unlawful to leave your vehicle parked and running while unattended on a public way.
- Report suspicious persons seen wandering around in parking lots or looking into cars as they walk by. Don't hesitate to contact the police to report suspicious person(s), you can even call and remain anonymous.

"The Woodstock Police Department asks that anyone having information pertaining to these crimes contact the Woodstock Police Department's Investigation Division a 815-338-2131."

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Gus said...

This, from a regular reader:

"Another car had its window broken out at the Clay Street parking lot(1-9-10). I guess you can lock your car but if you have a master key to open it (hammer) it doesn’t matter.

"I heard on the radio that several had broken windows. I wonder what that number really is vs. unlocked cars."