Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Menard's - what's your experience?

How has your experience been, when you have needed to return something to the Woodstock Menard's? Good service? Completely satisfied?

After purchasing a new kitchen sink and installing it, one customer found cracks in it that were a manufacturing defect. He bought a replacement and installed it; then he returned the original sink for a warranty refund. He was within the manufacturer's warranty period, and he told me he has had nothing but grief for about six months while he has tried to get his $150 back.

I would have thought that a huge business like Menard's would pride itself on customer service and loyalty, because do-it-yourselfers like dependable businesses.

He asked me if I knew whether any business in Woodstock, such as the Woodstock Chamber of Commerce, might help him. I don't. The Woodstock Chamber is a one-woman operation now and is stretched far, far too thin.

I suggested that he write to the Menard's headquarters and send copies to the Better Business Bureau, Chambers of Commerce of Woodstock, Marengo and Crystal Lake,, the State's Attorney's office, and the Attorney General. Will any of those help him? Maybe the BBB.

I think they don't realize with whom they are dealing. Do they really want to see a vehicle parked out on U.S. 14 by Menard's with some big signs on it?


The Madd Bulldog said...

There's gotta be more to the story than what's posted. I've returned "open" items both over and under $150 with no issues. Even if he didnt have his receipt, he could go to the kiosk and reprint one, so that couldn't be the prob. If he paid by check, then ofcourse he'd have to wait until the check clears to get a refund in cash. Why this has dragged out 6 months... I don't know and probably wont get a full story here.
BTW- my fries were cold from a MickeyD's up in Waukesha, WI yesterday. I went thru the drive-thru then got on I43. by the time I realized my fries weren't up to par, i wasn't gonna go back for new ones... I just sucked it up and ate them. Should I call and complain to the Waukesha Chamber of Commerce, the BBB, file a report on, park my rustbucket in fron of the next McD's I come across? Of course not... USE COMMON SENSE!!!! Doh.

Gus said...

The Wendy's in Woodstock used to try to give me old fries. After a while, when they saw me walk in, they'd put on a fresh batch and ask if I'd mind waiting a minute or two. I too hate finding cold fries in the bag after I've left the drive-through.

If you call (800) 244-6227, McD's would most likely be happy to know of your experience, so that the restaurant operator can be alert to how his employees are working.