Friday, January 22, 2010

Not all politicians introduced tonight

At the big meeting of the McHenry County Right to Carry Association, organizer Lou Rofrano introduced several policitians tonight. And then he asked if others were there.

He knew that I would be there. Right after the article in the Northwest Herald announcing the organization and meeting, I wrote to him (couldn't call; no phone number given in article). The letter didn't come back, so he got it.

Zane Seipler was there, too.

Lou introduced Keith Nygren and even had him on the stage with other speakers.

When I made my comments at the end of the meeting, as reported in a separate article here tonight, I didn't throw in that I was a candidate for Sheriff; maybe I should have. In fact, I know I should have, but by that time in the meeting most had left their seats and were talking noisily in the back of the room. Zane didn't ask for attention, either.

Lou knew my position on concealed carry. I am a strong proponent for concealed carry, and I have been nagging my Illinois legislators for it since 1996.

I'll cough up my $20, anyway. It'll be in the mail today, Lou.

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