Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Vote early and ...

... I'll bet you thought you were going to see "... vote often." Well, you still might.

But first, this news from the McHenry County government center administration building (667 Ware Road) and the early voting booth on the second floor.

If you go to vote, be sure to read your printed ballot closely to confirm that all your voting choices are recorded before you press the "Cast Your Vote" pad.

Sure glad I did, because my "X" for me wasn't there! The intended votes showed up on the electronic screen but not on the paper ballot that prints alongside.

I wasn't overwhelmed with offices on the Green Party ballot, and I was especially interested in my vote for me; after all, why not? This is my first election of any type. While the number of votes I'll get in the Primary doesn't really mean anything, I still wanted my vote to count.

I knew I had marked the ballot for McHenry County Sheriff but, when I was ready to press "Cast Your Ballot", that office and my name were missing!

I got great help from the election judge, who couldn't figure out the problem, either.

I was given a second voting card and went to a different machine, and the process worked correctly.

So, do not assume that the electronic marvel will capture all your choices! Check closely. If you have questions, ask them as soon as you spot a problem. If you cast your ballot and then ask for help, you will be too late.

Last week there was a similar problem with another voter who was voting a Green Party ballot. I hope voting machine malfunction is not the reason for so few counted votes in the Green Party!

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