Monday, January 18, 2010

Survey results - Primary Election voting

In a recent survey, readers were asked, “Will you vote in the Feb. 2 Primary Election?”

Many thanks to the 44 readers who responded.

Of those, 39 (89%) indicated that they will vote on Feb. 2.
Five (11%) indicated they will not vote on Feb. 2.

Voting in the races where there are challengers is extremely important. In a race without a challenge, it is not so important.

In my race for McHenry County Sheriff as the Green Party candidate, the number of votes I get on February 2 will mean nothing. I’ll be on the November 2 ballot, whether I get one vote or hundreds or thousands. Where it will really count for me will be November 2.

I received another call last night, asking why I don’t have any signs out. There is a simple reason. No one is running against me as the Green Party candidate for McHenry County Sheriff.

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