Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Port Barrington - need a cop?

Where is Port Barrington getting its police protection?

Remember when Port Barrington suspended its police chief and then dissolved its police force? Where was it to get its protection services? At the time it seems to me that the McHenry County Sheriff's Department said it would step in and provide patrol services. At least, for the portion of Port Barrington that is in McHenry County.

How's it working out?

Pretty well for the off-duty sheriff's deputies who are earning $40.00/hour for donning their MCSD uniforms and taking their MCSD patrol cars and heading over to Port Barrington to "protect and serve."

How is it working out for Port Barrington? Does the agreement with the Sheriff's Department say that Port Barrington has no liability for any actions of a deputy who is working in their town?

What about liability for the Sheriff's Department? If the deputy is working over-time, is he working on contractual basis for Port Barrington and reporting that income as self-employed income and paying his income and self-employment taxes? Or does MCSD pay the deputy and incur payroll taxes, including workers compensation premiums and unemployment insurance premiums?

Somehow I don't think that $40.00/hour will meet the over-time pay scale? Do senior deputies get first call on the gravy train at Port Barrington?

Does a deputy work a full eight-hour shift there? How does MCSD assure itself that a tired deputy isn't showing up for MCSD duty, which would result in an increased liability risk from judgements made while fatigued?

And is a deputy heading over to Port Barrington driving a County-owned (maybe, like, a take-home) squad car? Who pays the maintenance, gas and other operating expenses? What if it gets wrecked in a chase out of Port Barrington?

Or does a deputy drive there in his own car and then patrol in a Port Barrington PD squad car?

What's going on with this deal?

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