Friday, January 29, 2010

Itemized campaign expenses

I don't remember a campaign year when political campaign expenses for a County office have been scrutinized in the same way as they have been this year in the race for Sheriff of McHenry County.

Take a look at the expense summaries that are posted now on Many, many of them are reimbursements for apparent cash expenditures for things like campaign meals. As you look at the list, ask yourself how it just seems to happen that so many of the expenses come out in rounded numbers; ex., 1/16/2008 $200.00 for 8 meals; 2/8/2008 $165.00 for 7 meals; 7/1/2008 $146.00 for 7 meals; 9/16/2008 $135.00 for 7 meals; 6/29/07 $286.00 for 8 meals; 7/31/2007 $277.00 for 6 meals; and on and on the list goes.

A forensic accounting analysis might be very revealing, but just go and look at the list of expenses, especially the number of raffle tickets purchased. Why would a political campaign be purchasing raffle tickets? If one was a winner, who would get the prize? The campaign?

And how about this one on 9/7/2006: $800.00 in fives for golf outing bag change. What in the world is that one? Was there a corresponding deposit later for all the $20s, $50s and $100s accepted, when "change" was given?

And then there are the Florida meal expenses, totalling thousands of dollars for "campaign" meals. Scroll down through the expenses and ask yourself: Why? Why? Why?

And don't miss all the "campaign" meals in and near Minocqua, Wisconsin.

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