Sunday, January 17, 2010

Read what your lawyer writes for you and ...

...understand it! Before you sign it!!!

A couple here in Woodstock was about to marry, when the husband-to-be suggested to his fiancee that there ought to be a pre-nuptial agreement.

It wasn't because he had financial worth; rather, it was because he thought she did and that she ought to protect her assets in the event of a pre-mature death.

She trotted off to her lawyer and returned with a pre-nup. She offered it to the man to read. He asked her if she had signed it yet. (No) Then he asked if she had read it yet. (No)

The man read the pre-nup, and the darned thing was backwards. Her lawyer had written it up so that the man would get everything!

So the man re-typed it and suggested that she take it back to her lawyer for his OK to sign it. She read it carefully, accepted the man's explanation of how he had changed it, and then she signed it.

I heard that the lawyer's nose was out-of-joint, because she signed it without taking it back to the lawyer first. The man seriously considered taking a bill for $500 to the lawyer for straightening it out!

The moral of the story? Be sure you read and understand everything before you sign it!

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