Saturday, March 7, 2009

Speeders – Watch it!

The Woodstock Police Department has announced a speed enforcement initiative for the month of March. You can read the Press Release on the Department’s web section on the City’s website.

For the second consecutive month the word “initiative” has been used. Last month there was a zero-tolerance warning, but that is absent in this month’s release.

Many drivers think they get “5 over” or “10 over” before they’ll get a ticket. Will you get a break if you are only 5-10MPH over the posted speed limit?

As drivers know, if they pause to think about it, the Speed Limit is the maximum speed in a speed zone. Theoretically you could get a ticket for 1MPH over. In fact, in some places of the USA there are enforcement efforts described as Speed Traps, where you will get a ticket for 1MPH over.

So just drive at the speed limit, and you won’t have a problem.

If you do get a ticket and have to go to court on it, be prepared for about $150 in court costs, regardless of the fine imposed by the judge. Do not think you are getting off easy, if the judge only fines you $25.00. You’ll get clobbered when you get to the payment window!

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