Friday, March 13, 2009

Did you ever have ...

... one of those days when you really knew it was all worthwhile?

Today is one of those days.

Sometimes things happen and you don't understand the reason at the time. You feel like it wasn't right. Maybe, in fact, you knew that what had happened was wrong. But you just didn't know why.

It's kind of like a puzzle with one piece missing.

And then you find the piece and, suddenly, you've got the whole picture.

That was today! The final piece showed up. I knew that there was something I didn't know about what had happened. I didn't think I'd ever find out.

I had wondered about it for some time. I even thought about asking the other party about it, but I decided that I wouldn't. And, still, I knew there was something behind what had happened.

The whole picture is clear now. The puzzle is complete.


find the owners manual you fool said...

And how!

find the owners manual you fool said...

Don't forget the time you went to that place or the other place and saw all those people doing things with the stuff and then doing other things at another time with different things that fit on other stuff. Boy THAT was a time!