Thursday, March 12, 2009

Responsibility and Respect


The following is an email that was sent directly to me. My lawyer would probably tell me to issue a disclaimer that I am not responsible for the views expressed by others. How does that disclaimer on videos read? "The views expressed are not those of ..." Well, it just so happens that, while I am not "responsible" for the views expressed, I agree with them. What is going on within the sheriff's department cannot be allowed to continue!

Here it is:

"Here is some more dirt....Let's talk about Lieutenants.... I know you are aware of the Correction Officer Webb's incident at Coleman's Bar. A afternoon Lieutenant was with Webb that night. He was feeding her shots. He knew she was wasted, he was wasted. I'll give him this though, he did leave before her. Too bad he could've helped in the search. Or maybe he could have done the accident report. He could put the parked cars as the at fault vehicles. (A ranking member of the Corrections Department was with them.) Another question to ask is- Why is this Lieutenant a patrol supervisor when for many years he ran Investigations? Did he get kicked out? YES! Why? FOIA or FIAO or whatever the hell you do.

"Next, Lieutenants that lose control... A midnight Lieutenant is great at internals (HA-HA) except on himself. One of two African American patrol officers working for the department found out the embarrassing way about how an internal is done. The deputy was driving home from work and got pulled over for "whatever reason". The deputy's license came back suspended. Lieutenant "Lose Control" is called out. The deputy has a legitimate excuse, his license was suspended by mistake. AND IT WAS!!! Lieutenant "Lose Control" screams and yells at the deputy in front of the officers of Huntley P.D. Words like "you are an embarrassment, I'm ashamed to wear the same badge as you, you don't deserve to wear that uniform" are all screamed at the top of his lungs. Later after the investigation was conducted, the deputy is right, it was a mistake. Lieutenant "Lose Control" is told to apologize. YEAH RIGHT!! That's fair. I wonder how long the EEO investigation was into the Lieutenant's action. IT WAS NEVER INVESTIGATED! I bet that deputy feels like this is a great place to work. Not hostile at all. ( I have more on internals and non-internals, if you know what I mean.)

"I won't even go into this Lieutenant drinking and driving after PBPA meetings. In county vehicles no less. OH WAIT, I JUST DID!! Elk Lodge, Woodstock on PBPA Thursdays, BE THERE! Starts at 1800hrs. Drinks are cheap.



Gene said...

I hear that the jail supervisor referred to was just made the head of the corrections division.Didn't Lowery and some of his ass kissers start the PBPA to compete with the real lodge, the FOP.Maybe Lowery is the bartender on PBPA Thursdays.

sunny in ??? said...

ok, if someone hates a county so much and has no trust in the law enforment in that county, wouldnt you move out of that county?

Gus said...

Giggles, thanks for your question. I invite you to continue reading and posting.

I don't sense that the writer hates the County or even the Sheriff's Department. The writer hates the system that tolerates injustice, bigotry, bullying, abuse of authority, etc.

When you mistrust law enforcement and are employed within it, you cannot speak out. You get disciplined and considered not a "team player." You're the Lone Ranger, if you aren't one of the good old boys.

This is what needs to change. Citizens are unsafe when such power and authority are mis-used by supervisors and command officers.