Sunday, March 29, 2009

New ISP Director - laugh or cry

When I heard on Star 105.5 news last week about a new Director at the Illinois State Police, I was anxious to learn who he might be. The former director, Larry Trent, was really good about ignoring emails and other communications from me. When I asked repeatedly if the troopers had been ordered to obey speed limits when they were just driving down the road (and not chasing anyone), no answer ever came to five years of questions. So I assumed the answer to be "No, they had not been so ordered."

So, who is the new guy? Hang onto your hats!

Jonathan E. Monken was appointed by Gov. Pat Quinn.

Just wait until you read his high qualifications for the position. If you wait to read them, you'll have a long wait.

Monken is 29 years old. Where did he get sufficient leadership and management experience in seven short years since college to lead the second largest police department in the State of Illinois? Oh, did I mention his extensive police background? I didn't? That's because he doesn't have any. Not a-n-y.

In the press release issued by Gov. Quinn's office, three leadership positions are listed:

1. Company Commander - responsible for leadership, training, and welfare of 120 cadets
2. Battalion Command Sergeant major - cadet sergeant in charge of 500 cadets
3. Regimental Executive Officer, CFT - 2nd in command of 1,200 cadets for advanced field training

Get it? Cadets, cadets, cadets.

Oh, and "awards"? 2005 American Red Cross Illinois "Hometown Hero" Award Winner for Fox Valley.

About all I can ask is, "What the heck was Gov. Quinn thinking about when he appointed a young man with no business background, no apparent financial background (started on his Masters last June), no police background?" Whom else did Pat Quinn consider?

Why would some troopers spend a career with the Illinois State Police, go through tens of thousands of dollars worth of training and schools to be prepared to move up and fill a vacancy from in-house, and then see the governor tap someone out of the blue for the position as top dog at State Police headquarters? Let's see Quinn explain this one!

Word is that Illinois State Police troopers are upset! One referred to "anguish over this appointment."

Want to read the press release for yourself? Click here:

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Gene said...

I bet Nygren is mad he didn't hire this guy first. He promotes people to Sgt. after 3 years.Who needs experience??