Thursday, March 26, 2009

NWH Editorial Supports Judge McIntyre

This morning's editorial in the Northwest Herald supports Judge McIntyre's decision Tuesday in the case of Lowen v. Board of Fire and Police Commissioners.

Here's what I wonder.

Judge McIntyre read about the case. The Board heard testimony - directly. They listened to Chief Lowen and they listened to his witnesses.

Then the three-man Board voted that the chief had not made his case.

I recall an example given to me years ago that clarified the difference between reading about something, compared with actually doing that thing (in other words, being there). I'm flipping a coin right now to decide whether to relate that exact comparison.


Oh, sorry. Tails. I'll leave the comparison to your imagination.


Ole Blinky said...

The Northwest Herald is staffed with nothing but hacks. I think I.Q. points drastically drop every morning when the paper hits the stands.

Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

I think being there as the Fire and Police Commissioners were for all those months and taking in all that was said and how it was said and presented by the city attorney, Brophy and Lowen and their witnesses makes all the difference in the world. The written word itself cannot come anywhere close to conveying what really took place in the decision making process of the Fire and Police Commissioners in the enclosure of those four walls. Decisions are not only made on words alone.