Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pawn of Politics

News this week is that Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston are no longer a couple. That's "news"? It never would have been, except for the national political scene. And it shouldn't have been "news", even then.

A teenager's unwed pregnancy is a private matter. What should Hockey Mom have said 'way back then? "No comment." Anybody's unwed pregnancy is a private matter. Anybody's pregnancy is a private matter.

But the "minders" got their fingers in the mess and had to put on a show for the nation and for the world.

Is anyone surprised that the happy couple isn't? They are kids, for Pete's sake. Well, okay, "for Tripp's sake."

Even now, Sarah's political action committee is being used to report that Bristol is "devastated." Come on, folks. Get real. The Gov. will "manage" the news. Again, my suggestion? "No comment." Or, better yet, "Get lost!"

Send Levi out to the woods in his new suit (or did the NRC donate it?). Take the spotlight off them and let them grow up.

Oh, did you see that Gov. Sarah reimbursed Alaska for $7,000 of family travel expenses that were not really State expenses?

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