Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Woodstock posts City Council 12/17 Minutes

City Clerk Dianne Mitchell got a real work-out after the December 17th meeting of the Woodstock City Council. The Minutes of that meeting required 17 pages of transcription!

The Minutes for that meeting have been posted, and she did a great job of compiling an accurate record of the comments by many Woodstock residents.

The Minutes can be viewed by going to the City's website at
Then hover over City Council (left side)
Then click on City Council Minutes
Then click on December 17, 2013 City Council Minutes
Click on that link again, and then click OK to open the document

The Woodstock City Council is one of the few public bodies that follows the Open Meetings Act requirement of rollcall votes to enter Executive (Closed) Sessions and to return to Open Sessions.

These Minutes do not reflect anything that was discussed during the Executive Session, which started at 9:53PM and ended at 11:32PM.

Several Council members made statements to the media the following day.

The next City Council Regular Meeting will be January 21. If you are interested in the issue that received so much attention on December 17, you might wish to attend the January 21 meeting and ask the Council to make a formal statement about action it can or will take, or will not.

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