Monday, January 6, 2014

Indy mayor abuses authority with red alert

Today's Associated Press article about the polar vortex included a disclosure that Indianapolis (Ind.) Mayor Greg Ballard "upgraded the city's travel emergency level to 'red,' making it illegal for anyone to drive except for emergency personnel, emergency purposes or seeking shelter."

When I lived in Colorado, I objected to "officials" declaring public roads off-limits, and I object and protest to Mayor Ballard's taking on a role as Daddy and telling everyone to stay home. I urge Indiana residents to give him three blasts on your home and for everyone else to guard against similar actions by your own Big Brothers.

Baloney! If you are prepared for the weather, dress warmly, have your vehicle in good operating condition for severe weather, then go, if you want to go. Got a four-wheel drive vehicle? Go (assuming you know how to operate it responsibly). At this point roads are in good condition. Drive on them. You paid for them.

Conversely, if you aren't prepared, then stay in; but make it your own decision to stay in.

Of course, there are those who won't be prepared and who will go anyway. Let them suffer the consequences.

Having just written this, watch for two cars in the ditch on Route 47 near Route 176 (7:40AM). It's windy and slick out there.


Jeffrey Czajkowski said...

Your a moron, I was raised with lake affect snow, It would be wrong for me to compare my ability or education of those driving conditions to some one raised in an area that gets 6 in of snow. Extreme cold is deadly. So please for the LIFE of those that have not been raised in areas of extreme cold to understand what you understand, or I should say "have been taught" Thank You for this consideration, before your thoughts inspire foolishness.

Big Daddy said...

C'mon Gus, even you will admit that the government knows what's best for you, how you should conduct yourself, when it's too dangerous for you to go outside. Let's face it, the general public just cannot be trusted to make any kind of decision when it comes to personal safety.

All kidding aside, it's called culling the herd. If you are too stupid to realize that there is a lot of snow or it's too cold outside and you decide to venture out, then it's on you. You suffer the consequences. For the government to tell me that I cannot go outside, drive on MY street or for it to limit my freedom of movement is simply astounding. The nanny state at it's best.

Oh yeah, I am very familiar with the lake effect snow that the above poster mentioned. I've been caught in several major snow storms when I used to own a summer home in Indiana right at the bottom of the "U". We used to get hit(they still do) pretty hard. But you know what? I prepared for it. And I then went about my business. No one stopped me or told me to get off the street. And if something bad did happen to me, it was MY responsibility not the governments. If I was stupid enough to go outside when one of those storms was dumping snow on us or it was very cold unprepared, well then I deserved what happened to me.
Just sayin.

Gus said...

Thanks, Big Daddy. I agree...

Gus said...

Thanks, Big Daddy. I agree...