Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let the bullying begin - NOT

When Monday rolls around, there need to be new signs at the McHenry
County Sheriff's Department (MCSD).

On the entrance and interior doors, what if this sign magically appeared?

Would deputies and correctional officers feel more secure about their jobs and happier about showing up for work?

What's this about? The Equal Employment Opportunity (and Legal Affairs) Officer is expected to try to "interview" 30 deputies and correctional officers about sworn testimony they will be expected to give in depositions as subpeonaed witnesses in a Federal lawsuit against MCSD.

How will Sheriff Nygren and Undersheriff Zinke avoid being suspected of trying to intimidate witnesses? The subpoenaed employees are on the witness list of the Plaintiff, not the Defendant. When the Defendant, their employer, calls them in to presumably question them about what they intend to say when deposed, how will they feel? What will they do?

What do they know about the activities attributed to Sheriff Nygren in the deposition that Scott Milliman gave in Zane Seipler's federal case against the Sheriff's Department?

There is only one thing that Nygren, Zinke and Leist should tell the deputies and correctional officers. It can be summed up in three little words.

"Tell the truth."

Then maybe two more words. "More coffee?"

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