Monday, January 13, 2014

Wm. J. Ross extradition - moving along

William J. Ross, a current inmate of the Clark County (Nev.) Correctional Facility (Las Vegas) at the "request" of the McHenry County Sheriff's Department (MCSD), is moving along a step-by-step track toward a one-way trip to McHenry County.

Ross is the owner of a house in McHenry County, near McHenry (City), where a woman's body was found on November 6. It took a while for the Sheriff's Department to release the identity of the woman. She was Jacqueline Schaefer. The story is a little murky as to her relationship with Ross. Was she a tenant? Only a tenant? In any event, she got on somebody's wrong side and was killed. Her body was reportedly in a bag in a sealed room in Ross' house, which had been vacant for more than 18 months before she was found.

After stating that Ross would be extradited as soon as he was identified as the Ross wanted in McHenry County, the McHenry County State's Attorney Office clammed up. A request last week for an update on the status of the Illinois Governor's extradition request was met with a denial, because of the ongoing investigation.

On December 26 the Extradition Office of the State of Illinois processed the paperwork and forwarded it to Clark County, Nev.

Just in case the McHenry County SAO hasn't heard yet, Gov. Sandoval of Nevada signed his end of the Governor's extradition orders and mailed it to local authorities on January 7. But MCSD shouldn't buy plane tickets yet ...

Ross gets an extradition hearing in Nevada, where he'll get a shot at challenging the extradition. If he wins that challenge, will he avoid extradition and walk?

Today a Motion was filed in the Nevada Justice Court Case No. 13F18113X to place this case on the Court's Calendar. The date of January 15 is set for the Motion. The Motion itself cannot be read online. A reasonable guess might be that it is a Motion for a hearing on the extradition paperwork.

A future date of February 15 is also on the court's calendar, listing "Fugitive from Justice". This appears to be the routine monthly hearing in cases. This date is more than 90 days after Ross was jailed in Las Vegas.  He'll probably be out of jail by that date, one way or another.

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