Monday, January 6, 2014

Jim Harrison joins the fray

Jim Harrison, Independent candidate for Sheriff of McHenry County, has is sued the following press release. Jim won't be on the Primary ballot, but he will be on the ballot for Sheriff in the General Election in November.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                               January 6, 2014
Citizens to Elect Jim Harrison Sheriff of McHenry County     
Contact:  Jim Harrison
Post Office Box 10
Ringwood, IL 60072
PHONE:  815-575-4001

Independent Sheriff’s Candidate Jim Harrison Invites Republican Candidate Bill Prim to Debate
In response to the news that Republican Sheriff’s candidate Andy Zinke backed out of a scheduled debate with Republican Sheriff’s candidate Bill Prim, Independent Sheriff’s candidate Jim Harrison had this to say: 
“I personally know how disappointing it is when a political opponent refuses to discuss legitimate issues concerning the Sheriff’s race.  Last summer, Bill Prim refused to debate me over his role as a police supervisor during a number of excessive force incidents involving the Des Plaines Police Department.  It appears as though Zinke is just following Prim’s example.”   
“Even though Patriots United, the debate sponsor, claims to support no political candidates, Zinke backed out, suggesting the group might provide an advantage to Bill Prim in the debate because two of its members have donated heavily to Prim’s campaign.  I think there’s more to it than that.  In my opinion, in light of Zinke’s role in the RITA Corporation scandal, Zinke would have an uphill battle in any debate.  I believe Zinke is using this situation to distract people away from the real issue.”  
“But running away is never the solution.  Zinke may be able to dodge a debate, but he can never outrun the political consequences of his interference in the DEA’s investigation of RITA Corporation (Zinke’s campaign headquarters at the time).”
“Besides, there is no such thing as a level playing field in politics, so everyone can stop pretending.  When I invited Bill Prim to debate the issue of the prisoner beatings at the Des Plaines police department, I offered to go on Joe Walsh’s radio show for the debate, even though I knew that Walsh was supporting Prim.  I did this because the issue was more important than the level of the playing field.  Besides, I know that my answers to questions about the Sheriff’s race won’t change depending on who’s asking the questions, or who’s in the audience.”
“Debates create an imperfect opportunity for candidates to go before the public together, and answer questions about our candidacy, our platforms, and our qualifications to be Sheriff.  There is no guarantee that a debate will be neutral, or balanced, but it provides an opportunity for candidates to think on their feet, to address the people, and to answer questions in a comparative environment alongside the other candidate(s); for these reasons alone public debates have value.” 
 “Although Mr. Prim refused to debate me back in July, I’m glad to see that he’s up for a debate now, before the primary election.” 
“And I agree with Bill – that the voters are the losers when candidates for public office refuse to engage in public debate over relevant issues.  So instead of cancelling the Patriots United debate, I renew my offer to Bill Prim to debate with me over the issues concerning the Sheriff’s race.  Patriots United can sponsor the event and we can even put out an empty chair for Andy … just in case.” 
 “Seize the opportunity Mr. Prim; say yes.  Set it up with Patriots United, have Brian Kelly call me this week, let’s schedule a date certain, and I will be there.”

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