Friday, January 3, 2014

Pyle pleads Guilty

Disgraced McHenry County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Greg Pyle pled guilty in federal court today. Sentencing will be April 14, 2014. The minimum sentence is 30 years.For details, see Cal Skinner's good story on McHenry County Blog. And watch for a story on FirstElectricNewspaper.

Ten felony charges are still pending in McHenry County Circuit Court, filed by the Illinois State Police in January 2012.

I thought an earlier story in the Northwest Herald (online) attributed expected prosecution to State's Attorney Lou Bianchi. The story now reads, "We're sill going to pursue charges," (Assistant State's Attorney and Chief of the Criminal Division Michael) Combs said. "I would hope he's amenable to accepting a plea deal."

Excuuuuusssssseeeeee me??? Hope he's amenable??? Somebody keep me from swearing!!!

Prosecute Pyle! Don't slack off and "hope" he'll play "Let's make a deal." The State's Attorney Office has had almost two years to get ready for court. Ask the judge to set a trial date and stop screwing around. Pyle will deal (or not).

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